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Corporate Insider such as Corporate Executive is a common financial term that usually refers to C-Level executive or Vice President of a company. It can also be used as a term describing anyone that owns more than 10% of a company's voting shares. Corporate Insider practices are regulated by the SEC to impose very strict disclosure requirements on all insiders when they trade shares of their company on public or private exchanges.
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Zhengxing Jiang9905GREAT CHINA METAL TWD10Executive2008
Zongren Zheng2002ACHINA STEEL CORP PFD TWD10Executive2010
Zhenwen Li2441GREATEK ELECTRONIC TWD10Executive2005
Zhiwen Wu8038CHANGS ASCENDING E TWD10Executive2012
Zonghan Cai2882CATHAY FINL HLDG TWD10Executive2011
Zhenggang Lei600866STARLAKE SCIENCEExecutive200947
Zhiqian Fan600791BEIHZYExecutive201045
Zhijun Lu600791BEIHZYExecutive200150
Zhenhui Gao600791BEIHZYExecutive201040
Zhaomei Zhu600791BEIHZYExecutive200541
Zhixiang Chen600862AAHTExecutive200546
Zhixin ChenWCHNFWest China Cement LimitedExecutive201150
Zhixian LiangCMPCYCOMPAL ELEC 144A ADRExecutive2011
Zonghong ChenCMPCYCOMPAL ELEC 144A ADRExecutive2011
Zongming WangCMPCYCOMPAL ELEC 144A ADRExecutive2009
Zhiquan ZhengCMPCYCOMPAL ELEC 144A ADRExecutive2003
Zhenchang XuCMPCYCOMPAL ELEC 144A ADRExecutive2011
Zhenzhen LvLKHLYLonking Holdings LtdExecutive
Zhao LiBELLYBelle International Holdings LimitedExecutive56
Zhimin Gu600608SBTExecutive201051
Zhanjun Zhao600359XTADExecutive201248
Zhongyao Li600680SHPTEExecutive201053
Zhe Zou600266BUCIDExecutive201142
Zhongyuan Ye4924HTM INTERNATIONAL TWD10Executive2012
Zhenjun Lin5013NEW BEST WIRE INDU TWD10Executive