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The JM Smucker Company is most known for their Smucker jelly that is widely used and in many households. They also provide other food items along side the well known products. Being in this sector of the market shields them from direct impact of a market downturn. However, the company has to ensure that the quality of food and products are above standards because if they slip, people will switch to a competitor. Also, they can retain their current customers with brand loyalty and appeal to new ones with their diverse product line.

Food Products
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The Smucker Company Provides Us with Our Favorite Jellies and More

Taking a look at a recent 8-K filing, we can the company’s second quarter earnings for the 2017 fiscal year. Net sales decreased 8 percent, but excluding the noncomparable divested United States canned milk business, net sales decreased 5 percent. Net income per diluted share increased 3 percent to $1.52 and cash provided by operating activities was $136.4 million in the second quarter. Overall, the numbers appears to be in line with a normal business flow, but let us take a look at the chart and see if price agrees.

Price has fallen in recent months, which may have provided a solid entry opportunity for potential investors. The chart seems to have caught some support around the $123 area and is on the way back up. If you believe this uptrend is going to be around for awhile, I certainly would have no problem entering here as price is just beginning to turn around. Be careful and make sure you do enough research because this could be a false change in trends. 


You can take a look at the most recent 10-K filing for a full list of risks, but here are a few to note. This one is interesting and concerning, but the company states they may not be able to grow market share of their products. It is certainly understandable that this could occur for a short while, but if this happens long term, it could adversely affect the price. To go along with that, the company uses a single national broker to represent a portion of their branded product. An issue will arise only if the broker fails at some part of their job, which could result in delayed product shipment or other aspects of the business. Currently, the risks seem substantial, but the business continues to perform despite them.


Smuckers is a company that has the potential to be a great addition to anyone’s portfolio. However, be sure to conduct in depth research to ensure the risks mentioned are minimal and will not hinder the company’s growth. Also, seek an expert opinion to see if this is the best option or if there’s a better one out there that offers more value for you dollar.

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