Using Etfs Can Help Diversify Your Portfolio in a Helpful Way

  a day ago at Macroaxis 
By Nathan Young

An item that many people hear about but are unsure of are ETF’s, which are exchange traded funds. They work similar to mutual funds in there are underlying assets that back the product, but these are traded on the open market and can be traded like a stock. ETF’s allow investors to gain exposure to certain market sectors they otherwise might have trouble entering... [more]

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Taking a look at the ETF, the first thing you want to do is look at what the fund holds and dissect the top few holdings to gain an understanding of their health. If you want to be extra careful, look at the top 10 holdings. After you’ve looked at the holdings, you can begin looking at the larger picture to better understand where these individual companies are headed, which will have a pull on the ETF. All of these work together in determining the direction of the ETF as a whole.

Now, taking a look at the chart using the monthly time frame, we can see that price is approaching the pre-recession highs. Now, you have to look at the sector as a macro picture and micro. The micro will be achieved when you look at the top holdings of the ETF, but the macro is the economic conditions such as interest rates and the strength of the dollar. Using those can determine where the stock could continue to go, but it is not as straight forward as a normal equity.

Technical Analysis

  over a month ago at Macroaxis 
By David Taylor

Higher interest rates mean higher profits for credit card companies such as this.

Atlanticus Holdings is a financial services company that deals in both car loans and credit cards.  They originate these loans and then provide servicing for customers. &nb...

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  over two months ago at Macroaxis 
By Nathan Young

Alcoa Is an Aluminum Providing Company That May Be a Fit for Your Portfolio

Alcoa Corporation is a mining and production company of aluminum, as well as bauxite and alumina. Besides that mining, it owns seven bauxite mines and provides smelter grade alu...

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  over two months ago at Macroaxis 
By Nathan Young

Advanced Auto Parts Tends to the Needs of Every Car Enthusiast in the United States

Advanced Auto Parts is a company in the United States that sells automotive parts and accessories. From your basic needs to the more detailed items, you are more than likely goi...

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  over two months ago at Macroaxis 
By David Taylor

Amazon is priced at an price to earnings ratio that defies logic.

Amazon is a behemoth of a company.  They are the world’s biggest online retailer by a long shot.  Their revenue is roughly 105 billion.  Yet, the barely mak...

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  over two months ago at Macroaxis 
By Nathan Young

Campbell Soup Company Is an Iconic Brand That Many Have a Connection With

Campbell Soup Company is the brand with the memorable Christmas commercial of the snowman entering the house, only to be a small child as they eat the tomato soup. People across...

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  over three months ago at Macroaxis 
By David Taylor

Secondtier auto supply companies can be hidden gems such as this company.

The Lear Corp. is an automotive components manufacturer.  They focus on seating and electronic components and are out of Detroit, MI. (No relation to the company that makes...

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  over three months ago at Macroaxis 
By Nathan Young

Bank of America Is in Most Consumers Wallets but It May Not Be Meant for All Portfolios

Bank of America is a large bank that works on the retail side, as well as investing and large banking side of the financial world. Bank of America is certainly to have the prese...

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  over three months ago at Macroaxis 
By Nathan Young

Video Games and Esports Are Setting up for Video Game Companies to Succeed

Activision Blizzard, Inc. produces video games as well as other items that compliment the video game sector. With Esports gaining serious traction, the video game world has been...

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  over three months ago at Macroaxis 
By Nathan Young

Mastercard Has the Ability to Ride the Wave of Currency Evolution

Mastercard is in the industry of electronic payments, with their most familiar being what is in the pockets of many Americans. As the title indicates, this company has the abili...

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  over three months ago at Macroaxis 
By Nathan Young

JP Morgan Operates as One of the Most Notable Banks in the United States

JP Morgan has been tied to negative items such as the housing crisis and been looked at as a government profit machine. The subprime-lending crisis was the icing on the cake and...

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