Using Etfs Can Help Diversify Your Portfolio in a Helpful Way

  a day ago at Macroaxis 
By Nathan Young

An item that many people hear about but are unsure of are ETF’s, which are exchange traded funds. They work similar to mutual funds in there are underlying assets that back the product, but these are traded on the open market and can be traded like a stock. ETF’s allow investors to gain exposure to certain market sectors they otherwise might have trouble entering... [more]

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Taking a look at the ETF, the first thing you want to do is look at what the fund holds and dissect the top few holdings to gain an understanding of their health. If you want to be extra careful, look at the top 10 holdings. After you’ve looked at the holdings, you can begin looking at the larger picture to better understand where these individual companies are headed, which will have a pull on the ETF. All of these work together in determining the direction of the ETF as a whole.

Now, taking a look at the chart using the monthly time frame, we can see that price is approaching the pre-recession highs. Now, you have to look at the sector as a macro picture and micro. The micro will be achieved when you look at the top holdings of the ETF, but the macro is the economic conditions such as interest rates and the strength of the dollar. Using those can determine where the stock could continue to go, but it is not as straight forward as a normal equity.

Product Development

  over a month ago at Macroaxis 
By David Taylor

A penny stock priced at 10 times earnings with future growth potential

Terra Firma Capital Corp. (TFCCF) is a Canadian real estate finance company.  The company specializes in bridge loans for developers and home-owners doing construction.&nbs...

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  over two months ago at Macroaxis 
By David Taylor

Ellington Financial is providing great earnings and they are doing so at a very low earnings per share.

Ellington Financial is a company that acquires asset-backed financial instruments.  This is exactly the kind of product that got the entire financial world into trouble in ...

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  over three months ago at Macroaxis 
By Achuva Shats

New driver assistance system can take Ford to larger markets

Advanced driver assistance system (or ADAS for short) is an evolving technology in ever-growing auto industry developed to enhance vehicle safety without compromising any of the...

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