The Macroaxis Equity Screener (ETF Net Asset) is a collation of tools that enables investors to find investing opportunities across different fundamental criteria. Generally, investors use equity screeners to find instruments that they believe will perform well over time. Unlike traditional screens that enable investors to pick long positions on a stand-along basis, Macroaxis Equity Screener is designed as a set of modules to build well diversified portfolios. See also Investing Ideas to analyze predefined set of optimized investing ideas.
All Etfs
Net Asset
FamilyNet Asset
Guggenheim Investments269,875,188
SPDR State Street Global Advisors4,627,269,636
First Trust435,710,947
Market Vectors549,547,955
United States Commodity Funds LLC444,234,394
PowerShares DB424,040,000
Barclays Funds76,869,382
Merrill Lynch43,945,454
Deutsche Asset Management725,614,183
Deutsche Bank AG9,903,782
Royal Bank of Scotland NV101,148,750
Global X Funds63,431,154
Lattice Strategies LLC23,357,500
Pax World201,916,250
Van Eck321,346,593
UBS Group AG99,843,232
Deutsche Asset and Wealth Management32,185,556
Direxion Funds105,431,789
BlackRock Asset Management Ireland - ETF1,521,846,918
Horizons ETFs Management (Canada) Inc79,201,757
Horizons BetaPro ETFs2,447,628
FT Portfolios Canada Co72,110,000
Goldman Sachs430,250,934
BMO Asset Management Inc459,040,476
AlphaPro Management Inc112,713,542
Factor Capital Management, LLC1,832,790
First Asset Investment Management Inc59,842,304
Credit Suisse AG132,898,149
Recon Capital Series Trust33,855,000
Kotak Mahindra Asset Management Co Ltd10,210,159,643
State Street Global Advisors262,634,746
Gold Bullion Securities Ltd4,276,666,667
GO ETF Management Limited48,821,667
Phoenix Asset Management Partners28,900,000
Boost Issuer PLC15,817,943
Lyxor International Asset Management603,225,171
ETFS Foreign Exchange Limited4,053,682
UBS AG9,508,182
Claymore Securities131,340,000
WisdomTree Trust37,740,000
Invesco PowerShares Capital Mgmt LLC158,610,495
BlackRock Asset Management (DEU) AG1,359,399,716
FundRock Management Company S.A.39,802,593
Horizons AlphaPro11,211,833
BOCI-Prudential Asset Management1,640,606,071
ETFS Commodity Securities Ltd40,273,272
db x-trackers799,245,901
Source Investment Management Limited505,784,911
HSBC ETFs PLC213,341,218
ETFS Oil Securities Ltd98,177,253
BBVA Asset Management27,883,571
Schwab ETFs2,698,751,429
BBVA Asset Management SGIIC166,743,750
Hang Seng Investment Management Ltd17,384,163,333
Commerz Funds Solutions SA336,979,389
Deka Investment GmbH310,402,810
Yuanta Securities (Hong Kong) Company Limited9,700,000
BNP Paribas20,496,944
JPMorgan Structured Fund Management4,578,000
GO UCITS ETF Solutions PLC89,412,970
ETF Securities Ltd16,182,066
State Street Global Advisors (Aus) Ltd358,570,322
ETFS Metal Securities Ltd1,404,684,167
UBS Fund Management (Luxembourg) S.A.3,989,702,451
BNP Paribas Investment Partners Lux230,316,667
State Street Global Advisors (Chicago)27,481,033,333
Yuanta Security Inv Trust Co., Ltd3,432,639,870
HSBC Investments (Hong Kong) Ltd3,155,000,000
UBS Global Asset Management2,876,346,753
Emerging Global Advisors5,313,571
Handelsbanken Kapitalforvaltning AS1,310,000,000
NCB Stockbrokers Limited27,270,000
Vontobel Management S.A.30,300,000
Vanguard Investments Australia Ltd1,290,691,811
GAM Investment Management (Switzerland) AG0.0
Swisscanto Fondsleitung AG1,945,358,000
ETF Securities176,902,308
Fubon Securities Inv Trust Co Ltd4,348,632,292
Source Markets plc3,414,798
BlackRock Asset Management Ireland Ltd1,249,086,717
ETFS Swiss Gold Trust996,400,000
Commerz Funds Solutions S.A.1,031,310,000
ETFS Metal Securities Australia Ltd127,935,833
Source Commodity Markets PLC232,908,470
BlackRock Asset Management Schweiz AG802,244,167
Barclays Bank PLC3,531,906
Geary Advisors3,315,000
Guggenheim Funds Distributors, Inc.34,200,000
Flexshares Trust561,556,053
UBS Asset Management4,732,143
BlackRock Advisors (UK) Limited - ETF1,121,989,859
ETFS Industrial Metal Securities Ltd4,136,422
BlackRock Advisors (UK) Limited2,149,000,893
Australian Index Investments2,089,359
DB ETC Index PLC72,081,450
Societe Generale Asset Managment UK Ltd0.0
Lyxor Asset Management Luxembourg2,461,029
HSBC ETFs Plc213,341,218
Osmosis Funds7,750,000
BlackRock Fund Management (Ireland) Ltd.38,900,430
Marshall Wace LLP0.0
BlackRock (Luxembourg) S.A.710,140,000
Russell Investment Management Limited147,236,250
ETFS Asian Gold Trust5,650,000
Morgan Stanley18,290,000
Deutsche Bank4,680,000
BNP Paribas-AXA58,840,000
Precidian Funds LLC42,280,000
Vanguard Investments Canada Inc395,729,130
Lantern Structured Asset Management Limited488,417,158
Amundi Investment Solutions23,692,611
RBS (Luxembourg) S.A.4,102,187
UBS Fund Management (Switzerland) AG267,483,636
State Street Global Advisors France94,099,792
Goldman Sachs Structured Invmt SICAV7,240,000
BetaShares Capital Ltd94,100,000
Woori Asset Management Co., Ltd0.0
BBVA Bancomer Gesti?n SA de CV2,459,096,131
BMO Asset Management Inc.5,205,000
PowerShares Canada158,548,889
State Street Global Advisors Ltd39,590,000
Credit Suisse Funds AG60,260,000
PIMCO Global Advisors (Ireland) Limited2,030,596,665
Sensible Asset Management Limited118,050,000
Ping An of China Asset Management (HK)Co93,020,000
Operadora de Fondos Nafinsa SA de CV289,978,000
Hanwha Asset Management Co., Ltd.0.0
Da Cheng Fund Mgmt Co.,Ltd2,575,000
Mirae Asset Global Investments (HK) Ltd30,010,000
State Street Global Advisors France SA19,600,000
PIMCO Fixed Income Source ETFs PLC20,830,000
Credit Suisse, Zürich49,400,000
First Asset Investment Management Inc.3,717,708
NBG Asset Management MFMC2,035,000
Samsung Asset Management Co, Ltd.0.0
Quantum Asset Management Co Pvt. Ltd.107,000,000
SBI Funds Management Private Limited4,178,456,000
Impax Asset Management Group PLC371,920,000
Invesco Asset Management (India) Private Ltd0.0
Goldman Sachs Asset Mgmt (IND) Pvt Ltd2,623,311,111
UTI Asset Management Company Ltd0.0
Alpcot Capital Management Ltd.4,620,000
Fidelity Investments2,888,803,982
Vontobel Fonds Services AG96,223,333
Highland Funds305,185,000
RBC Global Asset Management Inc.2,248,555,232
Handelsbanken Fonder AB1,120,000,000
iPath Canada1,274,400
Exchange Traded Concepts, LLC4,960,000
DNB Asset Management AS848,270,000
State Street Global Advisors Ltd.86,685,000
Pure Funds278,063,333
Axis Asset Management Company Limited0.0
Stream Exchange Traded Trust19,780,000
ETFlab Investment GmbH6,020,000
Vanguard Group (Ireland) Limited4,038,771,744
iShares IV PLC11,270,000
Motilal Oswal Asset Management Co. Ltd0.0
UBS Asset Management (UK) Ltd101,774,478
WestLB Asset Management KAG0.0
Chimaera Private Limited223,750
Strategy shares8,080,000
ICICI Prudential Asset Management Company Limited5,771,250,000
IDBI Asset Management Limited0.0
Canara Robeco Asset Management Co. Ltd.0.0
Reliance Nippon Life Asset Management Ltd.15,265,780,000
Birla Sun Life Asset Management Co Ltd0.0
HDFC Asset Management Company Limited0.0
ETFS Hedged Commodity Securities Ltd1,865,115
Fuh Hwa Securities Investment Tr Co Ltd5,670,000,000
UBS Asset Management (Australia) Ltd94,231,516
Huntington Strategy Shares11,000,000
ETF Series Trust996,640
Exchange Traded Concepts Trust77,696,667
SinoPac Securities Inv Trust Co., Ltd237,070,000
ALPS ETF178,610,000
Renaissance Capital5,670,000
Bio Shares23,430,000
Swiss Commodity Securities Limited1,086,108
UBS Global Asset Management (UK) Ltd35,086,000
Horizons ETFs35,305,000
Vident Financial518,743,333
db x-trackers II683,863,846
First Trust Global Funds PLC29,453,333
Boost Management Ltd341,455
Purpose Investments Inc.89,135,817
ETFS Equity Securities Ltd.11,580,000
Actinver Casa de Bolsa SA de CV481,470,000
Compass EMP Funds22,550,333
Ashmore Investment Management Limited998,980,000
db x-trackers Team12,670,000
VanEck Investments Limited26,564,167
Bosera Asset Management(Intl) Co., Ltd.15,170,000
CSOP Asset Management Limited19,460,000,000
Reality Shares ETF Trust10,617,500
ARK ETF Trust12,560,000
Lantern Structured Asset Management261,040,000
Swiss and Global Asset Management (Luxembourg) S.A.19,280,000
Innovator Funds35,930,000
WBI Investments110,504,444
TWM FUNDS68,450,000
Merk Funds152,520,000
USCF Equity Trust3,920,000
Franklin Templeton Investments917,164,286
CSOP Asset Management3,003,333
Falah Capital1,310,000
GAM (Luxembourg) SA13,790,000
Master Shares6,970,000
U.S. Global Investors54,240,000
WisdomTree Management Limited15,503,143
Principal Funds2,813,318,095
O?Shares Investments118,280,000
Reaves Asset Management13,750,000
John Hancock437,672,528
ETF Managers Trust1,965,000
ETF Series Solutions17,860,000
Van Eck Global Funds2,290,000
Soci?t? G?n?rale43,466,667
Alpha Architect27,063,333
Invesco Global Asset Management Limited387,143,333
FandC Management Ltd.20,226,250
Newfleet Asset Management167,470,000
Questrade Wealth Management Inc.6,112,609
BlueStar Global Investors4,870,000
Invesco Canada Ltd.357,038,000
ANZ ETFS Management (AUS) Ltd9,443,973
Magellan Asset Management Limited2,151,207,500
FundLogic Alternatives PLC201,355,000
VanEck Investments Ltd.95,705,000
SG Issuer75,487,753
Legg Mason1,120,650,762
K2 Asset Management Ltd117,323,333
Nomura Alternative Invt Mgnt (Eur) Ltd31,630,000
Cathay Securities Investment Trust3,250,000,000
Nomura Asset Management Co Ltd58,390,000
First Trust Advisors L.P.634,990,000
Concept Fund Solutions PLC51,537,143
State Street Global Advisors.0.0
Tortoise Capital38,980,000
Dhandho Funds2,660,000
ETHO Capital6,900,000