ATT Valuation

ATT Inc shows prevailing Real Value of USD41.59 per share. The current price of the firm is USD39.91. At this time the firm appears to be under valued. Macroaxis approximates value of ATT Inc from analyzing the firm fundamentals such as Profit Margin of 0.09% and Return On Equity of 20.00% as well as examining its technical indicators and Probability Of Bankruptcy. In general, we favor to go long with undervalued instruments and to trade away overvalued instruments since at some point future time assets prices and their ongoing real values will blend.

Taking a look at their third quarter numbers from an 8-K filing, the first item is the increased the quarterly dividend by 2.1%, which is an excellent sign for potential investors. Operating income is up 8.2%, net income attributed to AT&T is up 11.2%, and cash from operations is $11.0 billion. This company is on the right track by paying back investors and continues to dominate their market place. As trends shift and change, AT&T has been able to adapt and maintain their dominance. Let us switch gears and take a look at the chart.

Taking a look at the monthly time frame, the chart is beginning to break a resistance level around the $41.50 area. It’s important to watch and see if volume holds because then it can be used as a support level. The chart has had a dip recently, but is now beginning to climb back up. Also, it is worth noting that the dividend is healthy and that should entice some investors to enter the market. Overall, the chart looks healthy and nothing stands out as a red flag.

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ATT Total Value Analysis

ATT Inc is at this time expected to have enterprise value of 332.42 B with market capitalization of 248.37 B, debt of 126.15 B, and cash on hands of 5.12 B. Please note that enterprise value may be misleading and is a subject to accounting manipulations. We encourage investors to cautiously inspect all of the ATT fundamentals before making security selection decision based on the enterprise value of the company
  Takeover PriceMarket CapDebt ObligationsCash
332.42 B248.37 B126.15 B5.12 B

ATT Investor Information

About 47.0% of the company shares are owned by institutional investors. The company has price-to-book ratio of 1.99. Typically companies with comparable Price to Book (P/B) are able to outperform the market in the long run. ATT Inc has Price/Earnings To Growth (PEG) ratio of 1.84. This company last dividend was issued on 2017-01-06. The firm had 2:1 split on March 20, 1998. AT&T Inc. offer telecommunications and digital entertainment services. To find out more about AT&T INC. contact Randall Stephenson at 210 821-4105 or learn more at

ATT Asset Utilization

ATT Inc utilizes its assets nearly 0.05 percent, making USD5.0E-4 for each dollar of assets held by the firm. A positive assets utilization signifies that the company is being slightly more competent with each dollar of assets it shows. In plain English assets utilization of ATT shows how competent it operates for each dollar spent on its assets.

ATT Ownership Allocation (%)

ATT holds a total of six billion one hundred fourty-one million five hundred seventy thousand outstanding shares. 30% of ATT Inc outstanding shares are owned by other corporate entities. Institutional investors are typically referred to investors that purchase positions in a given stock to benefit from reduced commissions. Therefore, institutional investors are subject to different rules and regulation than regular investors. Please look out for any change in current institutional holding as this could mean something significant has changed at the company or about to change. Please note that no matter how much assets the company secures, if the real value of the the firm is less than the current market value, you may not be able to make money on it.
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ATT Profitability Analysis

The company reported annual revenue of 146.8 B. Net Income to common stockholders was 13.35 B with gross profit before all taxes, overhead, and interest of 99.02 B.
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April 28, 2017
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ATT is not too risky asset. Calculation of real value of ATT Inc is based on 1 month time horizon. Increasing ATT Inc time horizon generally increases accuracy of value calculation and significantly improves predictive power of the methodology used.


ATT Analyst Recommendations
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ATT Inc current and past analyst recommendations published by number of research institutions as well as average analyst consensus
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Tax Efficiency

ATT Inc Tax Efficiency History

Market Capitalization

ATT Market Capitalization Analysis
ATT Inc is rated second in market capitalization category among related companies. Market capitalization of Diversified Telecommunications industry is at this time estimated at about 716.29 Billion. ATT totals roughly 248.37 Billion in market capitalization claiming about 35% of equities under Diversified Telecommunications industry.
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ATT Inc Revenue
Based on latest financial disclosure ATT Inc reported 146.8 B of revenue. This is much higher than that of the Telecommunications sector, and significantly higher than that of Diversified Telecommunications industry, The Revenue for all stocks is over 1000% lower than the firm.
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Revenue is typically recorded when cash or cash equivalents are exchanged for services or goods and can includes product or services discounts, promotions, as well as early payments on invoices or services rendered in advance.