American Airlines Management Performance

Analysis of American Airlines manpower and management performance can provide insight into American Airlines stock performance. Also an employee sentiment is becoming a valuable factor that investors can use to determine the amount of risk that may be associated with American Airlines Group future performance. Check also Trending Equities.

American Airlines Management Effectiveness

The company has Return on Asset of 16.51 % which means that on every $100 spent on asset it made $16.51 of profit. This is considered to be average in the sector. In the same way, it shows return on shareholders equity (ROE) of 0.0 % .

American Airlines Profit Margins

The company has Net Profit Margin of 18.57 % which may imply that it executes well on its competitive polices and has a good control over its expenditures and variable costs. This is very large. In the same way, it shows Net Operating Margin of 16.24 % which entails that for every 100 dollars of revenue it generated 0.16 of operating income.

American Airlines Insider Trading

American Airlines Stakeholders

Seamus French CEO - Bulk Commodities
Themba Mkhwanazi CEO of Kumba Iron Ore limited
Duncan Wanblad Group Director of Strategy and Business Development, CEO of Base Metals and Minerals
Bruce Cleaver CEO of De Beers Group
Christopher Griffith CEO of Anglo American Platinum Limited, MBA
Peter Whitcutt CEO - Marketing Business
July Ndlovu CEO of Coal South Africa, MBA
Robert Isom COO, Executive VP and CEO of Us Airways
W Parker CEO, Director, MBA
John Parker Non-Executive Chairman of the Board
William Parker Chairman and CEO
Andrew Nocella Senior Vice President Chief Marketing Officer
Alison Taylor Senior Vice President ? Global Sales
Elise Eberwein Executive Vice President - People and Communications
William Ris Senior Vice President Government Affairs
Don Casey Senior Vice President - Revenue Management
Hector Adler Senior Vice President ? Product and Service Delivery
Scott Kirby President
Danielle Kirgan Senior Vice President ? People
Kurt Stache Senior Vice President ? Marketing & Loyalty
Derek Kerr CFO, Principal Accounting Officer and Executive VP
Stephen Johnson Executive VP of Corporate Affairs
Richard Schifter Independent Director
Mphu Ramatlapeng Non-Executive Director, Ph.D
Richard Kraemer Independent Director
Didier Charreton Group Director - Human Resources
Anne Stevens Non-Executive Independent Director
Matthew Hart Independent Director
Anik Michaud Group Director - Corporate Relations
Rene Medori Finance Director, Executive Director, Ph.D
Martin Nesbitt Director
Susan Kronick Director
Jeffrey Benjamin Independent Director
Alberto Ibarguen Independent Director
Philip Hampton Senior Non-Executive Independent Director
James Albaugh Independent Director
Byron Grote Non-Executive Director, Ph.D
Ray Robinson Independent Director
Denise OLeary Independent Director
Anthony ONeill Group Director ? Technical, Executive Director, MBA
Michael Embler Independent Director
Jim Rutherford Non-Executive Director
John Cahill Lead Independent Director
Mark Cutifani Chief Executive, Executive Director
Jack Thompson Non-Executive Independent Director, Ph.D
Daniel Cravens IR Contact Officer
Paul Galloway Group Head - Investor Relations
Maya Leibman CIO, MBA
John Mills Company Secretary
Beverly Goulet Chief Integration Officer


American Airlines Top Executives
Seamus French  CEO
CEO - Bulk Commodities
Duncan Wanblad  CEO
Group Director of Strategy and Business Development, CEO of Base Metals and Minerals

Tenure Analysis

American Airlines Employment Tenure
American Airlines employes about 121800 people. The company is managed by 50 executives with total tenure of roughly 159 years, averanging almost 3.0 years of service per executive having 2436.0 employee per reported executive.


American Airlines Earnings Estimates
EPSEstimate Date
Quarterly Estimate0.53April 28, 2017
American Airlines Group Inc normalized analysts earnings estimates for actual as well as projected forward EPS values taken as an average expert opinion over time
Earnings Estimate  

Manpower Efficiency

Return on American Airlines Manpower
Revenue Per Employee 327.6 K
Revenue Per Executive 819.8 M
Net Income Per Employee 21.8 K
Net Income Per Executive 152.2 M

Per Employee

American Airlines Per Employee Growth Rates
Net Income Per Employee
Revenue Per Employee

Number of Employees

American Airlines Number of Employees Analysis
American Airlines Group Inc is rated second in number of employees category among related companies. The total workforce of Airlines industry is presently estimated at about 416,851. American Airlines totals roughly 121,800 in number of employees claiming about 29% of stocks in Airlines industry.

Earnings Per Share

American Airlines Group Earnings Per Share
According to company disclosure American Airlines Group Inc has Earnings Per Share of 9.65 times. This is much higher than that of the Transport sector, and significantly higher than that of Airlines industry, The Earnings Per Share for all stocks is over 1000% lower than the firm.
Earnings per Share is one of the most important measures of the current share price of a firm, and is used by investors to determine the company overall profitability; especially when it is compared to the EPS of similar companies.